ABC9 Sales Contact Information

Published 02/19 2014 11:53AM

Updated 07/09 2015 10:38AM

ABC9 Sales Contact Information

Let ABC9's remarkable sales team help you achieve your company's business needs and goals. We can show you how strategic marketing can give you the exposure and name recognition you need.  Give us a call or drop us an email and we'll show you how to shine!

KCAU Phone-   712-277-2345 / News direct phone  712-255-9999

KCAU FAX-  712-277-3733

Vice President & General Manager
John Curry, ext. 200 -

General /National Sales Manager
Dan Marsh, ext. 275 -

Local Sales Manager
Jennifer McReynolds, ext 258 -

Digital eMedia Manager
Aaron Thiele, ext. 262  -

Local Sales Assistant
Martina Courtney-Bottger,  ext. 280

Account Executives
Pat O'Connor  ext. 256 -

Pat Rooney   ext 257 -

Angie Galles   ext 255 -

Natalie Payne   ext 259 -

Nicole Siemonsma  ext 241 -

Mark Sorensen  ext 251 -

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