Hot Topic: McDonald's Controversial Ad

By ABC9 News

Published 01/14 2015 07:12AM

Updated 01/14 2015 08:03AM

McDonald's announces changes to menu items.
McDonald's announces changes to menu items.
(ABC9) McDonald's latest advertisement is sparking controversy on social media. 

The commercial features various signs conveying encouraging statements like "We remember 9/11" and "Boston Strong", with the song "Carry On" featured in the background.

Several people on social media sites, like Twitter, have expressed their outrage over the commercial, tweeting things like "the worst commercial ever #Mcawful" and another saying "Can't stop thinking about how weird and gross that McDonald's ad is".

But not all people are opposed to the advertisement.  One Twitter response said, "Great McDonald's ad showing their community, country, and world support.."

A McDonald's spokesperson was quoted saying the ad was attempting to bring people in stores by reminding them they are an American brand and part of the community.

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