Animal Abuse: Vet Explains Injuries, Storm Lake Family Speaks Out After Boy Breaks Dog's Neck


Published 08/20 2014 10:45PM

Updated 08/20 2014 11:07PM

"What I found was there had not been a direct blow, like we thought. The injury was actually a separation or a luxation... a hanging injury I would call it," said Dr. Todd Bettin, a Lake View, Iowa veterinarian who treated the dog after the injuries.

New details are emerging concerning the death of a dog in Storm Lake.

Just Tuesday, ABC9 News reported information about a nine-year-old Storm Lake boy charged with animal abuse.

Wednesday afternoon, the family of the allegedly abused dog picked up the remains from the Lake View vet, where it was euthanized.  After the post mortem examination of the dog, new details emerged.

The family was emotional Wednesday when they picked up the ashes of their beloved Chihuahua Cookie.  The family had to put down Cookie after the dog was paralyzed Saturday night by a nine-year-old boy.

But the family says now they just want the child responsible to get the help he needs.
"I loved her so much. I was crying," said six-year-old Brianna Ledesma about her dog Cookie's death.

It's been a hard few days for Brianna and her family.  They had to put down their dog Cookie after a nine-year-old Storm Lake boy allegedly injured it Saturday night and left it there.
"I didn't hear my dog barking like she normally does. So I came to the backyard and I saw her laying there. She was kind of lifeless, she couldn't move, she couldn't bark," said Shannon Rosales, Brianna's mother and
the dog's owner.  The video of Cookie on the grass was provided courtesy of Shannon for ABC9 to show.

Shannon said she broke down seeing her dog struggle, unable to move.
"We discovered she had a broken neck. And it was due to her being swung around on her leash and thrown into the ground, we believe," she said.

Police are charging the boy responsible with animal abuse, which is an aggravated misdemeanor.  The case will be handled by the Juvenile Court Authority.

But the veterinarian who treated Cookie on Monday and Tuesday said this was not a prolonged, torturous death for the four-pound dog but instead is considered a hanging injury.
"The owner said there was a leash and a collar on the dog at the time of the injury. Which makes perfect sense, that the dog was basically jerked around with a lot of force. Enough that it separated the vertebrae," Dr. Bettin said about Cookie's injuries.

Dr. Bettin said with the dog's injuries specifically, surgery would not have been successful and the dog would not have walked again.  So Shannon and her three kids said goodbye.
"Goodbye, I love you. I was crying. Then my mom told me she died and I was crying even more," Brianna said about her goodbye with Cookie.

Shannon says this isn't about going after the boy or his family.  She just wants to make sure he gets the help he needs so this doesn't happen again.
"We're going to see them; they're going to see us. But they're not going to be allowed back in my yard, just because we are going to get more pets and I don't want this to happen again," Shannon said.

And after the heartache, a small piece of good news.  The family says someone who heard about what happened to Cookie called them up, offering the family a new dog.

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