As Iowa moves ahead with Medicaid program changes, Agencies like ChildServe look for answers

Four out-of-state companies are set to take over the program.


Published 12/01 2015 06:56PM

Updated 12/01 2015 07:04PM

The State of Iowa is officially one month away from a historic change.  The Medicaid program is expected to change over from state control to a privately managed care program at the end of January.

Four out-of-state companies are set to take over the program.  One agency looking to manage that change is CildServe of Johnston.  Thousands of kids with special health care needs receive help there.

In one year alone ChildServe will help 3,000 families.  About 75 percent of those families use Medicaid to help pay for the services they receive. "Everybody wants to know what's happening, some of those questions, we don't know what the answers are going to be yet," said Lloyd Vanderwaak, Pres. and CEO of ChildServe.

Vanderkwaak says families have successfully used Medicaid to help with services for 25 years.  He says the change from Medicaid to private companies is made even more complicated by a quickly approaching January first deadline. "Somehow these families will have to be assigned to companies, figure out how to work with us and us with them," said Vanderkwaak.

As families receive enrollment packets in the mail, telling them to pick one of the four companies, Many are worried the care they're able to receive at Child Serve might change or that they won't have a way to pay for it.  Child Serve is helping them answer questions as best they can with the information they have.

"Some of the transition is involving that really hasn't been fully understood yet," added Vanderkwaak.


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