Daniel The Duck Rides First Class

Passengers Seemed Delighted When They Spotted A Duck Occupying a Window Seat

By brett

Published 10/20 2016 04:30AM

Updated 10/20 2016 04:30AM

Many of us don't get the luxury to ride first class when we fly, but one duck did. Daniel the Duck is a therapy animal for Carla Fitzgerald, and people on the flight were delighted to see Daniel Turducken Stinkerbutt on their first class flight from Charlotte to Asheville, North Carolina. Carla Fitzgerald suffers from post traumatic stress as a result of a serious accident. Her horse and carriage were rear-ended by a car. Carla's psychologist vouched for her therapy duck in writing. Daniel Went Viral when passenger Mark Essig began tweeting photos. including one of the duck gazing out a window. This 4-year old duck is used to showering, wearing diapers, and eating macaroni and cheese. When you call Carla, you're liable to get Daniel as well. Daniel is a breed of duck that cannot fly, and passenger Mark Essig says:   "So I like to think he was looking out at those clouds and it triggered some deep ancestral memory of what it had been like to fly." Or maybe he was just dreaming of mac and cheese.


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