Discovering a new way to ride RAGBRAI

Riders getting on a bike built for two


Published 07/26 2016 08:54PM

Updated 07/26 2016 08:54PM

Two by two more than a few riders came rolling into Leon today telling me its a new trend this bike that's built for two.

"We tried going on runs and it didn't work and we saw people with bikes so we decided to by a tandem and it's worked great," said Joe and Heidi Tucholski.

The two-seaters still dominate the ride but the tandem is coming through.

"Yea we see a lot more of them.  There are more than in the past and it's fun to see them and talk with those people," said Jeri and Keith Bowen of Bloomfield, IA.

It's a two person peddle that doesn't require equal parts when determining who's best.

"Communication is the key from the captain.  By communication she means hitting me on the head when I forget to tell her something, added Tucholski.

That's something you can see regardless how many are in the saddle.

"You peddle a lot more you dont coast nearly as much.  When  we go up the hills we're slow. We move to the right. Then when we come down we pass all those people that went by us," said Bob and Candy Benjamin of Bisbee, AZ.



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