Elk Point family needs in-home nurses for son

Jack Miltenberger could come home for the first time in January

By JENNA REHNSTROM | jrehnstrom@kcautv.com

Published 11/24 2015 04:55PM

Updated 11/24 2015 04:55PM

The Miltenberger Family

If you're a parent, you know how hard it is to be away from your kids. Two Elk Point parents haven't had their kids under their roof the entire time they've been a family of four. Their 2-year-old, Jack, has spent his entire life in the hospital.
But, now it looks like he could come home soon and while that's exciting, it means they'll need more support than ever.
As the Miltenbergers go through their normal evening routine, a piece of their family is missing. If fact, they've never been quite whole.
Erin says, "We have two boys. Cale is 6 and Jack is 2."
Erin & Ben's younger son, Jack, has never been to the family's Elk Point home. He was born 16 weeks premature, weighing only a pound and a half. The early delivery meant Jack's lungs weren't fully formed and he's struggled with severe breathing problems ever since. At their lowest point, when Erin and Ben feared they would lose their baby, the decision was made to move him to a special children's hospital in Ohio.
Erin says, "There was a lot of deliberating about whether or not that would be the best choice, but we determined and decided as a family that transferring him would be the best choice."
It's a decision that likely saved Jack's life, and now it looks like the day his parents have dreamed about may be in reach. Jack can come home once his doctors see success with a new home ventilator. If all goes as planned, the Miltenbergers could celebrate the new year as a family of four.
But with that excitement comes the family's newest challenge. They'll need in-home nursing care for Jack here in Elk Point, and nurses are in high demand. Erin hopes by sharing their story someone out there will be the answer to their prayers.
Erin says, "The more people that can share Jack's story and let them know that we need nurses. It's something we've been waiting for for over two years now."
Ben says, "It'll happen, and I really hope it's this time."
Bringing Jack home, and making their family complete.
If you know a nurse who might be interested in caring for Jack once he gets home, the Miltenbergers are working through Universal Pediatrics. Jack does qualify for care 24/7, so insurance helps them out and the company is able to offer benefits and even a sign-on bonus.
Follow this link for more information. You can also follow Jack's progress through his family's Facebook page.

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