EXCLUSIVE: Video surfaces of teens arrested at South Sioux City High School

Two teens arrested after "credible threat" at area school

By Christina Grijalva | cgrijalva@kcautv.com, Lukas Voss | lvoss@kcautv.com, ANDY BOTTGER | abottger@kcautv.com, Alexa Russo | arusso@kcautv.com

Published 09/29 2016 11:55AM

Updated 09/29 2016 12:08PM

A scary situation this morning all at the start of the school day at a South Sioux City School.

Two students at South Sioux City High School have been taken into custody after authorities say they received word of a "credible threat."

KCAU has obtained exclusive video of the arrests in the school library Thursday morning.

The video was obtained from South Sioux City High School Sophomore Fabian Diaz,who witnessed the arrests.

The two students, who have not been positively identified, were taken into custody after allegedly threatening to bring guns to school.

Authorities say that before school a student reported to the administration that he overheard the two students talking about bringing a gun to school.

Administration alerted authorities and they activated a lockdown a little after 9:00 A.M.

The high school, middle school and the elementary school were all put on lockdown and students were transferred to the main building. 

Once parents caught word of the lockdown  many went to the school-- fearing for their kids safety.

The lockdown has since been lifted and the superintendent said the school day would continue as normal.

The superintendent did tell parents that they could take their kids home if they wanted to.

Much more to come on this developing story tonight at 5 and 6.



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