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Wendy Blum is an inspiration to all of us.


Published 11/30 2015 06:50AM

Updated 11/30 2015 07:32AM

Meet Wendy Blum.

Wendy is a wife,  mother, and grandmother, whose life was turned upside down after taking a fall.

That fall made her an amputee.

"I was sick, I remember telling my husband you know what I would rather be dead," says Blum, about her original diagnosis.

Those are the words Wendy said after her doctor told her they would need to amputate her leg.

"I fell at home and knew I could not walk on my leg and the next morning we called the ambulance and I came to the hospital and they told me I had fractured my left leg," says Blum.

Doctors at Mercy Medical Center decided to cast Wendy's leg and let it heal on it's own, that's when things took a turn for the worst.

"Eventually it wasn't able to heal from the injury, they found out she had some peripheral vascular disease," says Michael Garrett, a nurse practitioner at Mercy. "The outcome was not favorable she ended up losing one of her legs to amputation and then later found out through infection more of the leg needed to be amputated."

The healing process was slow and long for Wendy, who had to spend over a year in and out of the hospital.

Due to her unique case, she had to under go treatments in a hyper-baric chamber.

"It puts you under pressure and mimics that you are under sea water 33-66 feet," says Garrett. "We are able to drive oxygen into the circulating plasma not just the red blood cells and therefore we are able to oxygenize all the blood going through her body and to allow these really difficult wounds to heal."

Wendy had more than 80 treatments in the hyper-barics chamber.

"I had some hard days, but I guess I would always think, you know what it could be worse and if I can get healed and get a prosthesis and get my life back, I've just always had a positive attitude," Blum recalls.

And that's exactly what Wendy did.

April 14th of 2016 will be two years since Wendy's fall.

She uses a cane if she's going to be walking long distances, but any other time, she's up and moving as if nothing ever changed.

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