Judge Rules in Favor of Dordt College

By ALLISON WARREN | awarren@kcautv.com

Published 05/21 2014 07:42PM

Updated 05/22 2014 07:14PM

Sioux Center, Iowa (ABC9 News)-  Back in October, Dordt College joined a lawsuit against the U.S. government regarding a particular part of the Affordable Care Act. On Wednesday, a judge granted them an injunction while the lawsuit plays out.

the college considers itself a religious institution, and feels a mandate to provide emergency contraceptives like the morning after pill violates their religious freedom. but because they aren't a church, dordt isn't exempt from the law.
"To think of religion only in terms of a worshipping community on Sunday is way too narrow of a definition. Ultimately we are a religious institution and we want to assert that freedom to the government," said college President, Erik Hoekstra.
Dordt says their health plan has covered birth control for years, but as a fundamentally Christian college, they disagree with the additional coverage.

the college has received a lot of support.
"I do have educator friends around the country and some family members and I've received emails from them congratulating us for not just saying 'oh well,' but doing something about what we believe," said Art Attema.
Dordt is well aware of the magnitude of the lawsuit, but say it's their duty to be involved.
"It's a big deal to litigate against our government. We take government authority seriously, so it was a big deal to do it. We also have a responsibility, when we feel like our freedoms are infringed on inappropriately to speak up," Hoekstra added.
Without the injunction the college would have faced financial penalties if they refused to comply with the mandate by June 1st.

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