Jury delivers a verdict of guilty on all charges against Timothy Schroeder

Schroeder was charged with murdering Dustin Wilder in January of 2015

By Briana Campbell | bcampbell@kcautv.com

Published 07/22 2016 03:36PM

Updated 07/22 2016 07:07PM

Timothy Schroeder was charged with first degree murder, going armed with intent, and felon in possession of a firearm for the murder of Dustin Wilder on January 9, 2015.  

After a year and a half, the case of Timothy Schroeder versus the State of Iowa came to a close.  
The trial began July 14, 2016.  Multiple witnesses gave testimonies of the night in January when Schroeder gave Wilder a ride home from a bar in Sloan, Iowa, and murdered him in his own home. 

Testimony of autopsy reported two blunt trauma wounds to Wilder in addition to gunshot wounds.

Today, after closing arguments by both the state and defense attorneys, jury went into deliberation around noon.

The jury only deliberated for an hour before a verdict was reached, and cries of relief were heard throughout the courtroom from the family of Dustin Wilder as the verdict was read. 

"As to count one, murder in the first degree, we the jury of the defendant on count one of the trial information, guilty of murder in the first degree," read Judge Neary.
Schroeder was also found guilty on count two and three of the charges brought against him.  
In a statement read by the victim's father, David Wilder, he said Dustin's family is relieved it's over, but they are still grieving. 
"There's no words that I can express, the sadness of the friends and family of Dustin Wilder...he will be oh-so missed," said Wilder. 
Wilder went on to say not only was it friends and family that showed support, but also Western Iowa Survivors of Homicide and Violent Crimes.  The organization helped the family cope by always being available.  
"They also offered help in other ways such as counseling and mental health through bereavement, any help you wanted, pretty much they always gave us an answer for any questions we might have."
The day Dustin Wilder was shot and killed is a day many in the courtroom today will never forget. 
"It's like your heart dies and that part of your heart always seems to be dead, but you keep going."
Sentencing for Schroeder will be announced at a later date. 

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