More than 100 tribes from across North America come together at Winnebago Pow Wow

This year marks the 150th annual homecoming celebration

By Jamie Perez |

Published 07/28 2016 07:03PM

Updated 07/28 2016 07:21PM

Dancers wearing bright and fully-decorated costumes filled the center of the arena to kick off the 150th annual Winnebago Pow Wow. 
Pow Wow happens every year but this year is a significant milestone for the tribe.
"The 150th is an honor of all veterans, non-natives, natives, but more so in honor of our last war chief, Chief Little Priest," says Craig Cleveland Jr. of the Winnebago Tribe. "He sacrificed his life and followed the company 'A' scouts so we could have a home today 150 years later."
The Pow Wow is a time for friends and family to come together to celebrate the heritage and culture of the Winnebago Tribe and the costumes are nothing short of colorful and spectacular.
Some dancers say that seeing people come together to celebrate such a historically valuable event is what makes this celebration worthwhile.
"Every day of Pow Wow is important to me because I get to visit with family and friends and meet new people and welcome other tribes to our Pow Wow," says Sadie Jefferson, Miss Winnebago.
Being around more than 100 different tribes reminds some of the historical implications of the weekend-long celebration.
"Celebrating life in general, celebrating the homecoming of all our veterans that are coming from overseas and everything," says Alex Pelkey, head man of the celebration. 
This significance of this annual celebration is shown through the details and some people even camp out at overnight so they can be fully immersed in the festive atmosphere and don't miss a single part of this huge celebration.
Festivities will continue through Sunday, July 31st.

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