Morningside residents protest cell tower to go up in their neighborhood

A group of neighbors gathered at Tuesday's Board of Adjustments meeting

Published 02/09 2016 10:23PM

Updated 02/10 2016 07:48AM

A proposed cell phone tower in one Sioux City neighborhood is causing an uproar.
Several folks living in the Morningside area gathered at City Hall Tuesday to attend the Board of Adjustments meeting to speak out against the proposed tower. 
The Board of Adjustments was asked by the City Council to take another look at a recent vote by City Planning and Zoning approving a conditional construction permit for the cell tower.
Concerned citizens say they viewed the meeting as a chance to present evidence opposing the project, but they were denied.
Assistant City Attorney Justin Vondrak says, "This would've been their last opportunity to present evidence, however the board did not allow them another hearing. Their previous decision was final."
That decision however did not sit well with neighbors attending the meeting. Residents say there is a long list of reasons they don't want the towers in their backyard.
Morningside resident Mary Zink says, "All of us live right around the area, all of us will see decreases in our property value, all of us will have to put up with that eyesore and many of us are concerned about possible health effects that under federal law the board can't use, but they are still real."
The next move by neighbors would be to file suit in district court. They will have 30 days to come to that decision.


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