Morningside residents upset about the new Verizon cellular tower to be built

Morningside residents upset about a new cell tower to be built

By Jessica Plue |

Published 02/10 2016 10:19PM

Updated 02/10 2016 11:00PM

The battle between concerned Morningside residents and the city officials continues to flare as a proposed cell tower is set to be built in the residential neighborhood.
Residents are still fired up for sure and want their position on the building of the cell tower to be known. Even though the cell tower is set to move into its final stages before construction starts, citizens say they're  not going down without a fight.

" I went around with petitions from the neighbors. They don't want it, but it didn't do a dang bit of good," says Pat Ramirez, a concerned Morningside resident.

Residents attended the City Council meeting on Tuesday to present their argument in opposition to the building of the new Verizon Cellular tower.
To their dismay, the Board of Adjustments had already made up its mind and refused to hear all their concerns. Residents like Pat Ramirez are upset by the City Council's refusing to listen to her and finds the building of the tower  to bring more negative than good to the neighborhood.

"There are kids that have turned up with tumors from these dang towers. Not only that but if it's going to depreciate the value of my ain't worth it," says Ramirez.

According to real estate professionals, if the tower is built, homes could take a property value hit as high as two thousand dollars. Clara Otto, another concerned resident is less concerned with the money and more about the neighborhood.

"It's just a peaceful place and they're just going to take it away it feels like and it's just sad," says Clara Otto, a concerned Morningside resident.

Residents assured me they will continue to fight against the tower being built and they hold high hopes that the City Council will propose a new location after hearing their concerns,... whether that be in a council meeting, or in a courtroom.

"I don't really think it's fair. We didn't really get a choice," says Otto.
"Something's got to be done. We can't let our neighborhood go down like that," says Ramirez.

We reached out to the City Council board members for a comment today but they could not be reached.
Tuesday's Board of Adjustments meeting was the last chance residents had to present evidence to prevent a permit for the construction of the cell tower. Their only option to fight against the tower now is through district court.

The tower is set to be built in the lot of 914 S Fairmount St.


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