Move It Monday: On-site nurse makes difference

American Pop Corn employees staying fit thanks to their on-site nurse.

By Lukas Voss |

Published 07/25 2016 10:27AM

Updated 07/25 2016 10:27AM

An on-site nurse normally handles incidents associated with injuries on the job and things employees and employers would rather not hear about. At the American Popcorn Company however nurse Deb Twyford has created a culture of exercise and wellness among the company's employees.

While Twyford is still responsible to make sure the roughly 200 employees are taken care off in case of an emergency on company grounds, she has also made it her mission to make sure workers have the chance to use their breaks in a meaningful way.

Through Mercy Medical Centers' on-site nursing program, she has established a walking map as well as a stretching program and several other routines for employees to take advantage of. They can now follow a specific route along the company campus and count their steps with a pedometer. Twyford was also an essential part in making the company Blue Zone certified, being an example in the community on how to be and stay fit.

Because of her efforts, employees are now fitter and more productive while getting the most out of their breaks and enjoying a fun activity while doing so.

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