My Favorite Teacher: Mr. Alan Baskerville


Published 05/02 2014 07:17AM

Updated 08/14 2014 10:03AM

Newell, IA - (ABC9 News) For Carlyee Clark and her friends Michael and Camryn, having a social studies class in 7th grade at Newell-Fonda Middle School is not something to dread. In fact, the kids love going to social studies class, and, it's all because of Mr. Alan Baskerville.


Carlyee says, "He always has a smile on his face, he hardly ever sits at his desk, he always walks around, and always makes us happy."


When Carlyee and her friends decided to submit Mr. Baskerville to ABC9's "My Favorite Teacher" contest they made a video to show, just how much, they love Mr. Baskerville!


Carlyee's mom, Jamie, says she notices a difference in her daughter since having Mr. Baskerville in her daily classes.


"Mom, guess what I know you're right, and I said what am I right about and she said well Mr. Baskerville said that your parents are always right even when you are 18 that's when you'll figure that out and she said he said it so that's right I was like I am having him on standby I am calling him daily if you believe everything he says."


If you ask Mr. Baskerville, his motto on teaching, he'll be the first to tell you it's so much more than what's inside the text book.


He adds, "Too many people mistake that it's all about history, fact and history, but it's a lot about life lessons, and what you can learn from people in the past. In my classroom I kind of like to have a loose classroom to let students be able to be themselves along with a line of structure and a little bit of discipline at times, but you really have to let them be who they are..."


Unfortunately, Mr. Baskerville will be leaving Newell-Fonda Middle School at the end of this school year. He and his wife are moving to Sioux Falls.

In honor of being chosen as Carlyee's "My Favorite Teacher" the kids have something they want to say to Mr. Baskerville.


"We will miss you Mr. Baskerville!"


Congratulations Mr. Baskerville on being chosen as this week's "My Favorite Teacher."

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