Ragbrai riders celebrate Saturday night's festivities before the start of the ride on Sunday morning

Ragbrai starts in Glenwood this year

By Jessica Plue | jplue@kcautv.com

Published 07/24 2016 02:19PM

Updated 07/24 2016 02:19PM

Thousands of out of town guests are filling the southeast Iowa community of Glenwood Saturday night but they wont be there for long. The 43rd Annual Ragbrai rolls out of town bright and early Sunday morning.

ABC9 is covering the event from start to finish. On Saturday night, riders were preparing for the first day of the ride.

When it comes to Ragbrai not many communities can match the tradition of Sioux City. That's where the first ride started. Sioux City has hosted the event 7 times and now so has Glenwood.

The last time riders rolled into this town of about 5,500 was 2011.

It's safe to say the heat wave was still in full swing with that dome of hot air. It has been a very hot day in Glenwood, especially for those who come from other places all around the uUS and especially other countries.

While some folks have already called it a day and are resting up for tomorrows 47 mile ride, others were enjoying the night's festivities.

Trivia: Glenwood is home to Alice Cooper, but not the one you probably know. It's the renowned sculpture, Alice Cooper, that calls Glenwood home.


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