Recent blizzard causes road, car damages

Car specialist has tips for drivers

By Bria Bell |

Published 02/05 2016 08:36PM

Updated 02/07 2016 10:40PM

Post blizzard road conditions have some drivers in a rut.
From snow drifts, ice, rough roads, and more. We have some tips to help you ensure your car's condition is ready for the road.  
Winter storms or blizzards can be a driver's kryptonite. Especially when roads are uneven due to partial freezing of snow on the ground. But Sioux City's road crews were hard at work to ensure that streets could be cleared off as soon as possible.
After this week's blizzard, many drivers have made their way to car care centers likes Tires Tires Tires.
"Post blizzard, we've been getting a lot of phone calls with problems shakes, vibrations...just highway shake speeds, things like that," says Tires Tires Tires Store Manager, Ryan Mcnaughton. 
The snow storm has left Siouxland with rough roads, snow drifts and lots of ice, triggering issues that are not ideal to any car owner. 
"There have been situations where customers are sliding into curbs...creating alignment problems. Some damage of wheels, tires, things of that nature can occur as well. That, you need to bring in to a shop and we can repair that," says Mcnaughton.   
As Sioux City maintenance crews continue to plow streets for better driving conditions, Mcnaughton says this rule of thumb is important even if there seems to be no signs of damage to your vehicle. 
"And be sure to check your tire pressure. That's another thing too. Cold weather can affect the tries as well and so when a tire gets to be low on air, that can create problems as well," says Mcnaughton. 
Plow trucks could be seen Friday evening removing excess snow from middle lanes and intersections. Here are links to some local car care specialists if you are concerned about your car's performance. 

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