Sioux City Murder Trial Under Way

By ALLISON WARREN |, Jessica Cihacek

Published 08/07 2014 12:36PM

Updated 08/07 2014 06:43PM

Sioux City (ABC9)- A jury has been selected and the trial officially kicked off Thursday morning for 27 year old Juan Nino-Estrada.

Nino-Estrada is charged with two counts of First Degree Murder and one count of Attempted Murder in connection to an incident that occurred on Sioux City's west side in November of 2013.

During that incident, authorities say Nino-Estrada shot and killed 35-Year-Old Michael Delgado and 35-Year-Old Yolonda Valdez. He's also accused of shooting Luiz Sanchez of Sioux City, who did survive. 

Just after 10:30a.m. Thursday, opening statements began in the case. The prosecution alleges that in 42 seconds Nino-Estrada fired 9 shots, killing 2. They say the incident occurred as a messy result of a break up and the use of methamphetamines. They also alluded to the numerous witnesses who were at the shooting on West 27th street, that will testify for the prosecution.

The defense rebutted the arguments telling the jury that the case is a "mess concerning facts" and that he doesn't believe they will be able to find malice. Defense Attorney Mike Williams added that the people Nino-Estrada was with that night were very dangerous and he could either die or survive. The only thing the defense admits Nino-Estrada is guilty of is being a drug user, and not telling the cops the truth.

The presentation of the prosecution's evidence began Thursday afternoon in the Sioux City courthouse.

Some of the most compelling testimony came from a Sioux City police officer Chad Stroman who checked the two victims he found on the floor of the attic.
He says of Delgado, "He had labored breathing, it was intermittent, and he was, kind of, a gurgle to it, and you could tell he was struggling to breath."

And of Valdez he recalls, "I checked for a pulse on the right side of her neck, and I didn't feel anything."

Jurors also saw video from surveillance cameras on the home. In one of the videos jurors heard loud shots and screams during the incident.

The trial will continue Friday morning at 9 a.m.

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