Sioux City Travels Back in Time


Published 08/16 2014 10:40PM

Updated 08/16 2014 11:26PM

Sioux City (ABC9 News)- It's not just a museum, it's hand on learning in living history at the Sergeant Floyd River Museum and Welcome Center.

"You can see a lot of native American stuff, you can see a lot of the military stuff from the 1800's, the way things was made and how nothing was waste. If you've got school age children or even adults, anybody that's interested in history or want to see what history's about, come down and check us out," said Randy Rumelhart of the Sergeant Floyd Honor Guard.

Everyone was enjoying themselves and learning with the hands on camp. That's also where we ran into some visitors from our sister city in Yamanashi, Japan. They used it as an opportunity to learn about the past of Sioux City to better understand the present.

"It seems to be very quiet, you know, a peaceful atmosphere at that time. He'd like to know more about Sioux City's history," the translator for Seiki Mochizuki, the Mayor of Yamanashi said.

The event is free to the public and sponsored by the Sioux City museum and the Sergeant Floyd river museum and welcome center.

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