Sioux City's first allergy-free restaurant opens on Floyd Boulevard

Gud N Free offers food with no gluten, nuts, wheat or fish

By Jamie Perez |

Published 07/14 2016 05:24PM

Updated 07/14 2016 11:02PM

Sioux City can now say it has its first allergy-free restaurant, all thanks to one couple who started this restaurant because their daughters are gluten intolerant.
"We just felt excluded. like my wife was saying, at those local restaurants," says Mike Orlando, owner of Gud N Free. "We just want people to feel included."
Some customers that stopped by for opening day are gluten intolerant and say the restaurant is a wonderful addition to Sioux City's food scene, especially those who who have food allergies. 
"I feel like they'll feel pretty great because it's hard to find places where you can get gluten free food," says Madison Howe, a gluten intolerant customer.
Gud N Free's main selling point is their allergy-free menu but they do still have options for those without food allergies.
Mike and Brenda say that although their success with the restaurant has been rewarding, they also felt a  little bit...
"Stressed. It's kind of surreal but it's cool to see the people coming in," says Mike and Brenda.  
Gud N Free's opening day was a huge hit as hundreds came out with friends and family to try this new and one-of-a-kind restaurant in Sioux City. 
When the initial taste tests were conducted prior to opening, Mike and Brenda asked people without food allergies to try items on their menu to make sure that everyone would love it. Now that they've opened, people are expressing their true enjoyment of the allergy-free foods. 
"We had a young teenage boy in today and he's not gluten intolerant and he said he's coming back and telling all his friends," says Becky Binneboese, cashier at Gud N Free. 
Mike and Brenda say with a bit more time, they are looking to cater to those with corn allergies and those who live a vegan lifestyle as well. 

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