Small Town Prepares for Sizeable Inheritance


Published 08/29 2014 06:42PM

Updated 08/29 2014 11:57PM

Scribner, NE (ABC9 News)- The tiny town of Scribner, NE has plenty of history. And now that history is coming back, in a way the town can't believe.

Ken Furstenau left Scribner after his high school graduation, and no one thought much about him until he arrived back in town in 1993 with a pledge of a gift upon his death.

Former Mayor Dennis Baumert recalls, "he just come in one day and said 'I'd like to let Scribner between a million and two million dollars'. And after I picked my jaw up off the floor I said 'well that's very nice, what's it to be used for? "

Ken's only response was that the money was for a city building.

Though the donation was exciting at first, it was forgotten until Ken died this March and the city attorney learned just how much the town was inheriting. In fact, the town is set to receive almost $3 million. It's a huge deal to Scribner.

"$3 million to any community, but you talk about a town of 857 people in the central part of Nebraska is a huge thing," said  City coordinator Ed Howard.

Now the town is scrambling to decide what kind of city building they want.

Baumert was mayor at the time of Furstenau's original proposal. So, now he's offering up land owned by his business, to put that city building on. It's his way of making sure ken's wishes aren't forgotten.

"It means a lot to me. It means an awful lot to me, because this guy had enough faith in us, so I said we'd donate the ground to put it on," Baumert said.

And though many didn't remember ken, they sure do now.

"We have three million dollars coming into town, I couldn't see how they could forget him," Duane Muller of Scribner joked.

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