Summer Shoes Are Fun But Can Be Dangerous


Published 06/08 2014 08:34PM

Updated 06/09 2014 07:11AM

Sioux City (ABC9 News)- It's that time of year again. Boots are back in the closet, and flip flops are back on your feet.

But, are your shoes causing you pain? one local doctor says shoes like flip flops and flats may be fashionable, but they are a reason many people end up needing appointments.
"People will come in with heel pain, or even ankle injuries from slipping in their flip flop shoes. Another concern is tendonitis or capsulitis of their digits, even in the future, hammer toe deformities," said Dr. Valerie Tallerico.
Pediatrists used to get many of their patients because of high heels, but flip flops send them just as many.

Though local shoe salesmen will sell you whatever you want to wear on your feet, they say there are better options to consider.
"There are different types of what they call orthotics or foot beds that are in the various shoes and sandals. 10-15 years ago there was maybe only several venders making any sort of arch support, Now there's all the different components that go into making the different arches," said Mike Pape of Rudolph's Shoe Mart.
So what does the doctor order? Well, she's not saying never wear flip flops or flats, but rather, be smart about it. Only wear them at the appropriate time, when you aren't going to be doing extensive activity. You can also look for a sandal with more arch support and cushion. Otherwise you may need more than just a podiatrist.
"There's only 26 little bones in the feet compared to the rest of the body so if you start throwing your foot off from a biomechanical standpoint, the next thing it goes is to the knees, the next place is the hip, next place is the back so it's important that you start with your feet. Have the best shoe support that you can," Dr. Tallerico said.

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