Tyson Events Center Exploring The Idea Of Expansion

By RACHAEL KRAUSE | rkrause@kcautv.com

Published 08/26 2014 08:28PM

Updated 08/26 2014 10:38PM

Officials with the Tyson Events Center say they're interested in expanding. They're hoping a bigger arena will bring in bigger names and with it, more business to Sioux City.

Sioux City' Tyson Events Center seats 10,000, but that can drop down to 8,500 when you factor in big artists with big crews and staging.  Often, that's not enough to book the
big name artists. So officials are exploring the idea of expanding.

"We want the Tyson Event Center to be able to attract those larger artists, so the bigger names can come in to the Tyson. There are times when we lose out on tours because our space isn't quite big enough and won't seat quite as many people as some of the artists need," said Erika Newton, Events and Facilities Deptartment Executive Director.

Newton said they're hoping an expansion would allow Sioux City to compete with bigger venues, like those in Omaha, Lincoln and even Sioux Falls.

"People go where the larger artists are performing and if we bring in an artist like Bruno Mars or Katy Perry, people are going to come to Sioux City to see that artist," Newton said.

Over at the Tyson's neighboring new business, Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, they say they're excited about the idea of the Tyson Events Center expanding, not threatened.

"We really believe high tides rise all ships, so as business comes to this area  - we all benefit. Not just us, not just the Hard Rock , but the bars, the restaurants, the hotels, the retailers, everything. Everything is a win win.," said Todd Moyer, Hard Rock Sioux City General Manager.

It's too early to tell what the expansions could be or how much they would cost....those details will be ironed out in the months to come.  For now, most seem hopeful about the expansion's impact on the community. Officials say the potential economic impact the Tyson has on the community has been a hot topic since before it was even built.

"That was a pie in the sky dream for us and it came true and it proved to be a very good move for us. We never thought we'd have a casino like we have now and that's proved to be very big for us.  So this could be the next step for us, it could be the next big thing we need to look at. And it could change the face of Sioux City," said Bruce Miller, President of the Events Facilities Advisory Board.

But before they can start adding on more seats in the arena, folks at the Tyson Events Center have a long road of planning and work ahead of them.

Officials say the expansion is likely years down the road.  Next on the agenda will likely be a feasability study. After that, they'll likely bring in an architect to go over
what kind of expansions are possible for the facility.

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