UPDATE: Officer's name released in Sunday's police shooting

Officer's name released and how it happened

By Jessica Plue | jplue@kcautv.com

Published 02/08 2016 09:37PM

Updated 02/08 2016 10:42PM

Police were responding to a robbery call early Sunday at Valley Park Apartments when their investigation lead them to another apartment within the complex.

They entered the apartment and noticed the stench of marijuana and various hand guns and long guns within the apartment along with eight individuals including Isaiah Mothershed. All eight were searched and handcuffed. Officials say that while Mothershed was sitting on the handcuffed on the couch, he reached down the cushions of the couch and pulled out a 40 Caliber handgun and while seated, shot officer Moritz through the inner thigh. Moritz then lunged at Mothershed to secure the gun and during the tussle, the gun discharged. Mothershed had shot himself in the thigh. Once the gun was apprehended, first aid was administered to both Officer Moritz and Mothershed.

This is not Isaiah Mothershed's first run in with the law for sure. He's facing several counts including attempted murder of a police officer robbery and one count of home invasion. Also facing a laundry list of charges is 19 year old Justin Ferguson, and 20-year old Robert Seaberry,

18-year-old Jordyn Delfs is being charged with keeping a disorderly house and harboring a missing juvenile.
That missing juvenile also part of Mothershed's group, 17-year-old Micayla Knight. She contributed in planning the robberies and is also facing charges.
Three other juveniles were also involved in the robbery schemes and will be prosecuted as well.


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