Woodbury county residents raise awareness to try and raise minimum wage

Group says issue is more important now than ever because elections are days away

By Bria Bell | bbell@kcautv.com

Published 10/23 2016 06:27PM

Updated 10/23 2016 06:30PM

A group in Woodbury county are taking a stand to raise the minimum wage, literally. 
Several Woodbury county residents held up signs near Southern Hills Mall to help keep the $7.25 conversation going.
The group rallying to increase minimum wage tells KCAU 9 they want issues like this one to be fresh in the minds of voters considering elections are just 16 days away.  
Minimum wage increase in Woodbury county has been a topic of discussion for sometime now and Jody House says she's using her voice for the voiceless by raising awareness to try and raise the wage. 
"I want someone to take notice. Discuss it. Find out what the cost of living actually is in the state of Iowa and do what's right for the Woodbury county residents," says House who wants the minimum wage to increase in Woodbury county. 
House believes residents within the county would benefit in different areas other than their pockets if the minimum wage were to increase. She says parents would be able to spend more time at home and less hours on the job. 
"They're away from their home for 16 hours a day. If not, more than that. Just to barely make ends meet," says House.
Standing on the side of the road seemed to garner positive responses from those passing by.  
"We've been getting lots of honks and thumbs up, a couple of claps and some quiet little waves to us so it's been pretty receptive," says Jeremy Dumkrieger who is also in favor of raising the minimum wage.
The activists' efforts were definitely noted -- on lookers say they commend the group for literally taking a stand and not hiding behind a keyboard to voice their concerns.  
"It's good on them that they're actually raising awareness and actually going out and saying something, taking a stand in public instead of just sitting at home and saying something about it instead," says Canaan Craft who witnessed the rally.  
The protestors left two hours earlier than originally intended due to business complaints. Nevertheless, the group says they will continue to keep their message alive in the coming days.  

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