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ABC9 News Anchor Jessica Cihacek

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Greetings from the Cornhusker state! West Point, Nebraska is where I call home. Where, instead of covering breaking news and manning the anchor desk, the majority of my time was spent riding bikes and playing in the dirt.

Many of you first met me fresh out of college, back in June of 2009. That was shortly after I graduated from the University of Nebraska, Lincoln, with a major in Broadcast Journalism, a minor in Political Science and concentrations in History and English.

That's also when I began my career at KCAU as a full-time photojournalist. Starting off in Sioux City was supposed to be just that – a starting point. It quickly became home, though, and how could it not? I quickly learned how fortunate I was to be part of something so great. I accepted KCAU's Weekend Anchor position in 2010 and the Morning Anchor position in 2013. Both, moves, that I owe to YOU. The people of Siouxland. Our loyal viewers. Who’ve embraced all of our changes, challenges and growth throughout the years. Thank you, by the way.

Yes, I’m a morning person (you kind of have to be, when your alarm goes off at 1:45am), and no, there’s nowhere else I’d rather be (I love Rebo’s and their “Tijuana Trainwrecks” wayyyy too much).

Aside from my job (and Rebo’s), I love running, dancing, shopping, cooking, traveling, boating and reading. I love my coffee (as black as tar), my goofy, but gorgeous husband (you may have actually heard of him – he’s “Jackson” on KSUX Radio), our big, black mastiff/lab, who goes by the name of “Fiona,” and of course, being a true, blue (I mean RED) Nebraska girl. Love-love-love cheering on my boys in the Scarlet & Cream (Go ‘Skers!).

Thanks for watching, all. And please, if you've got anything to say, anything to ask, I want to hear from you! E-mail me: jcihacek@kcautv.com.

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