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12-Year-Old Yankton Girl Recovering After Pit Bull Attack

A Yankton girl spent Tuesday recovering at home after a pit bull brutally attacked her on her way to school Monday morning.
A Yankton girl spent Tuesday recovering at home after a pit bull brutally attacked her on her way to school Monday morning.

Twelve-year-old Jackie Holman was walking to the school bus Monday morning when she saw her neighbor's pit bull pulling at its chain.  But the chain didn't restrain the dog.  It broke free and went right for Jackie.

It started out like a normal Monday morning for Jackie as she headed off to school.  Jackie said she likes school, particularly science.

"I was just walking with my backpack on and stuff," Jackie said. 

"And I saw the dog out there.  It was pulling on its chain and barking like it does sometimes.  So I wasn't really that afraid," she said.

Jackie walks past the dog every morning on her way to the bus.  Normally the chain keeps the dog in its yard but Monday was different.

"It broke off and I started freaking out.  So then, it attacked me," Jackie said.

According to the Yankton County Sheriff's Office, the dog's owner heard Jackie screaming and called the dog off.  But not before it left her with brutal bites and gashes all over her arms and legs.  The dog ripped up the pants she was wearing.

Once she was free, Jackie turned back home.

"I walked back to the house and I went in to the bathtub.  And I told mom to call 911," Jackie said.

Jackie was taken to Avera Sacred Heart Hospital in Yankton where she was treated.  They told her she could go back to school when she felt ready.

"They said if I felt like it, I could go back today.  But obviously I didn't," she said.

According to the Sheriff's Office, the dog's owner realizes the pit bull is dangerous and has agreed to either euthanize it or give it up to the humane society.  And this isn't the first time they've had an issue with this pit bull.

"I believe we had a report in 2012. I believe it was around the fourth of July, must have been something going on in town here and it bit another person," said Chief Deputy Mike Rothschadl.

The dog is being quarantined for ten days and authorities will decide what to do about the pit bull at that point.

Rothschadl said because the owner is cooperating with them on the dog's future, no charges have been filed.

Jackie and her mom April have two Chihuahuas and said they both love dogs.  Jackie said she'll keep on loving dogs but will be a little more wary now around pit bulls.
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