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ABC9 News Producer Claire DeRoin

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I joined the ABC9 News team the day after graduating from Morningside College. I started off as a weekday reporter and weekend producer, but moved behind the camera full-time as the 6/10 producer in January when a position opened up.

I love writing and the fast paced world of producing. News is completely unpredictable, and that makes coming to work every day exciting. I never know exactly what I’ll be writing about or whose story I’ll be learning. There’s never a dull moment!

Although I’m happy to have my computer and a pile of stories to work on, I do miss getting out into Siouxland and reporting. It was a blast meeting so many interesting people in the tri-state area, and I got to experience lots of things I wouldn’t have otherwise! Here are some of my favorite memories from my short reporting career:
- Eating lunch out of the back of a pick-up truck in the middle of a field while on a story about a farming family
- Competing with Scott Larson to get keys to our mutual favorite news car, the Pontiac Vibe (he let me win most of the time)
- Meeting an artist and World War II veteran who told his love story with his wife through elaborately decorated envelopes he sent to her and preserved after the war
- Being mistaken for Allison Warren on a daily basis (and vice versa)
- Reporting animal stories, whether it was Jingles the cat who survived a crazy accident, or the Goats on the Go that are hired out as living weed whackers
- Shooting a stand-up the day after Christmas that parodied the Night Before Christmas (it even rhymed!)

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