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Dordt College Embraces "Lamest College In Iowa" Label.

Here's a look at what the Dordt student body is saying about this label.

Sioux Center, IA (ABC9 News) - With 115 acres and an enrollment of just 1,400 students Dordt College is making national headlines, but not for anything you might expect. The popular college website, "Total Sorority Move" has ranked Dordt the "Lamest College in Iowa", but the school doesn't really seem to care. 
"We don't think we're lame! The total sorority move, I guess, is based on drinking culture, and Dordt focuses on academic excellence and Christian community,” said Sonya Jongsma Knauss, Dordt Marketing and PR Director.

 Like any other school, out of classroom activities can make or break the college experience. Students at Dordt say there's no shortage of fun on campus. "Actually, we're having a slip-and slide which will be really fun. All the freshman come out, so we get to meet all of them and the sophomores get to come, even the juniors and seniors come and there's an off-campus block party as well,” said Hope Kole.  Students say the town of Sioux Center isn't too shabby either.

"There's a lot of different areas you can go hang out to talk with friends, chill out and there's some things to do in town. local cafes are pretty fun,” said Paloa Grazia.  "You get the small town feeling here and you know a lot more people on campus,” said Jake Van Engen. This might not be the place for your typical college atmosphere, but while many college kids around the country are recovering from that hangover, these students are focusing more on the college after party. 

"It's kind of that attitude that college is about partying, and that's not what Dordt College is about. It's about learning. It's about preparing to take your place in God's world. It's about being part of a Christian community and being able to go out and use your skills in whatever area you've been called to work,” said Knauss

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