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Heelan Assistant Remembers Playing for Don Meyer

Andy Foster recalls his first meeting with his new head coach, Don Meyer

Coaching legend Don Meyer will be remembered by so many people in the basketball community.  Meyer passed away at the age of 69 on Sunday from cancer.  He ranks second on the all-time list for men's college basketball wins, and coached a local assistant at the college level.  Heelan boys basketball assistant Andy Foster was a senior at Northern State when Meyer took over as the head coach.  Foster remembers the first time he met Meyer.  Foster introduced himself, Meyer had a board with info of all his players and he grabbed the info and told Foster what he needed to work on.  He then grabbed four videos and handed them to Foster and required a written report on all of them by noon the next day.  At no point during their first meeting to Meyer ever make eye contact with Foster.  By the time Foster left Northern State, Meyer was like a second father to him and all the players he coached.
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