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Heelan Cheerleaders Take ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

After being challenged by their coach, the Heelan cheerleaders dove in to raise money for ALS research.

Sioux City (ABC9 News) -- The challenges just keep coming. Wednesday afternoon, it was the cheerleaders at Heelan High School taking the chilly challenge. The ALS Ice Bucket challenge is meant to raise money and awareness for ALS, better known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. How the challenge works: if someone challenges you, you can either accept or reject it. Each has its price. Taking the challenge entails dumping a bucket of ice water on your head and donating $10 to research. Denying the challenge will cost you $50.

The squad was challenged by their coach Paula Yockum. The girls say they're happy to have their turn.

"It feels pretty good to know that we're all doing good for everybody, especially for the Lou Gehrig's,” explained Paige Schorg. “It's just great knowing that we're doing good for everybody."


The Heelan cheerleaders are now sending their challenge to the school's varsity football team. They've got 24 hours to make their donation now.

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