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Hinrich Talks Future

Kirk Hinrich was in Sioux City Monday and chatted about his future with the Chicago Bulls
SIOUX CITY, Iowa (ABC9 Sports)--Current Chicago Bull and former Sioux City West star Kirk Hinrich was back in town Monday to raise money for Camp High Hopes in a golf tournament.

Hinrich also talked about his basketball future and impending free agency.

"I feel like, in my heart, I'm a Bull, I always will be. I grew up, you know, wanting to become a Bull, being a Bulls fan, so in an ideal situation, I'd love to be back," he said. "You know, I just hope that it's able to work out."

If Hinrich does resign with the Bulls, he would get a chance to share the court with fellow-Iowan Doug McDermott.

He's a great player and it'd be cool to have two Iowa guys on the same team," Hinrich said. "I enjoyed watching him in college and [I'm] excited to see him become a good NBA player."
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