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Iowa Family Now Complete, All Thanks To Facebook

After trying to conceive for 6 years, Andy and Libby Ortmann were able to adopt a son with the help of social media.

North Liberty, IA (ABC 9 News) - For anyone that's tried to have a baby and failed, you already understand the trials, the tribulations, the emotional rollercoaster, that's usually involved.


Libby Ortmann, originally of Storm Lake, IA, recalls, “I had been to the doctor 60 some times. It was crazy."


Libby and her husband, Andy, spent 6 years trying to conceive, and nothing. So, out of frustration, maybe as a last resort, Libby turned to Facebook.

Her post? "Tell everyone you know, we want kids. It's not working. If you know anyone, or anyone who knows anyone in a difficult situation please tell them about us,"


Some responded with positive, encouraging comments, others, expressed their empathy. And then there was one post, that changed everything.


Libby says, "Her exact words were my baby sister is pregnant and she wants to meet you."


That baby sister, was Traeh Baugh.


Baugh says, "At that point I was still unsure of a decision"


But it certainly didn't take long, after finally meeting the Ortmann's, that Traeh knew Andy and Libby would make the perfect parents.


Traeh adds, "About ten minutes into it I think. It stopped being awkward and we clicked instantly."


And while the adoption process is still in the works, it's easy to see that baby “Calvin," as this little miracle was named, is already, right at home.

While the nursery is complete with the most fitting of comic book themes – Calvin and Hobbes - the next chapter for these two, is still a mystery.


But one thing they do know? Their life is now complete. Thanks to one little bundle of joy, that they happened to find on Facebook.

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