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Labor Day Weekend Keeps Iowa State Patrol Troopers Busy

Many of us are out and about having fun, but safety needs to be a priority.
Sioux City (ABC9 News) - Chris Barber has been with the Iowa State Patrol for 14 year but during Labor Day Weekend, he works extra hours.

"Labor Day weekend, we tend to see a pick up in traffic this time of the year, people traveling, getting to different destinations this time of the year,” said Chris Barber, Iowa State Patrol. He's patrolling parts of I-29, and every year, he pulls people over a little more than usual. "Anything serious in nature like texting and driving, like distractive driving. We're also looking for drunk driving, impaired driving," said Barber. =

Many travelers often take I-29 to get to their destinations during holidays. Barber says on average, he pulls over nearly 10 cars a day. More so in the afternoon than any other time. Since more people are likely to travel in groups, he says the best way to avoid trouble is to think ahead of time and be patient.

"Designate a sober drive if you're going to be drinking and obviously, no open containers in your vehicle in Iowa and take your time, seat belt use, watch your speed and get there safely,"said Barber.  Speeding can result in a ticket but the penalty for getting pulled over while intoxicated is just not worth it.

"Operating while intoxicated, expect to get jailed for that but there's thousands of dollars in fines after that," said Barber. 
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