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Le Mars Area Farmers Not Concerned With Record Rainfall

Farmers in Le Mars got lucky over the summer, but some are giving tips to others who may not be.
Le Mars, IA (ABC9 News) - Parts of Siouxland are experiencing record rainfall this summer, but that's not putting a damper on local yields. Farmers in the Le Mars area are saying they're getting lucky, because it takes 22 to 25 inches of moisture to mature a corn crop. With proper temperature and no flood damage, folks near Le Mars say everything is looking good. Agronomist Joel DeJong says folks in other areas will likely face higher moisture levels. "You've got to do something to either cool that corn very rapidly or secondly you need to take some moisture out of that corn, so you can either run a lot of air to those grain bins or you can add heat to it, and typically, propone is the main source we use to do that,” said Joel Dejong, ISU Field Agronomist. DeJong did acknowledge propane can be very pricey, but says if there's above-average temperature between now and the end of September, farmers won't have to spend much money on propane.
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