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Le Mars City Officials Voice Safety Concerns For Areas With No Sidewalks

Sidewalks are something many of us don't usually think about, but city officials in Le Mars, Iowa feel they can make a big difference in busy parts of the city.
Le Mars, IA (ABC9 News) - Sidewalks aren't something many of us think about on a daily basis, but without them, there could be danger. "This is what has led to looking in to our sidewalk program and particularly around our school,” said Dick Kirchoff, Mayor of Le Mars. Kirchoff is referring to intersections at fourth and sixth avenue on one of Le Mars' busiest roads, 12th street,very busy, and no sidewalk to be found.

"I think there was something like the last dot count was like 7,000 cars daily go through there, “ said Kirchoff. Since these areas don't have sidewalks, the city is concerned about the safety of pedestrians, especially children. At this intersection there is always cars going back and fourth and one local business says if there were sidewalks, thins would just be safer.

Building blocks Child Care Center is located at one of the busy intersections. Workers say they have limited options for the kids because of the lack of sidewalks. "We do utilize our strollers. We just kind of circle our building and just stay right in our area. we don't go too far away," said Violet Lane, Director at Building Blocks.

Although safety is the main concern, a city ordinance says sidewalks should be installed to connect developing areas in the city. Property owners are responsible for the installation of sidewalks. If for some reason a proper sidewalk can't be installed, the city is willing to help out those who can't.
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