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Loess Hills Elementary Holds Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Loess Hills Elementary Opens with a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
(ABC9 News) Sioux City, IA- Siouxland Chamber of Commerce held a ribbon cutting Wednesday morning at the new Loess Hills Elementary School.

All students and staff were present for the ribbon cutting sporting their new Loess Hills Lynx T-shirts.

The students also sang their new school song as part of the ceremony.

Principal John Beeck says, out with the old and in with the new, building, that is.

Beeck added, "We've gone from two buildings, Emerson and Roosevelt that were built in the 1920s and they need to be replaced and I just wanted the kids to see that officially this is their building and I wanted it to be a very special time  and I think it was.”

Classes at the new Loess Hills Elementary School began last week.

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