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Olympians Visit Hawarden Iowa

A pair of cross country skiers who have competed in the Winter games made their way to Hawarden.
Hawarden, IA (ABC9 News)- It’s not everyday that a pair of Olympic athletes are in Hawarden Iowa, so there was a big crowd Sunday.

Brian and Caitlin Gregg are married and have both competed in the Olympics in cross country skiing. Caitlin in 2010, and Brian in 2014 in Sochi.

"It's something that I am so happy to have in my memory, and in my life. And even more happy to have shared with Brian. Now, he understands where I was coming from and what I was talking about and, we can kind of compare and contrast our own experience,” Caitlin said.

Brian grew up spending his summers in Hawarden. His aunt and uncle still live there, so he knew he had to return after competing in the winter games.

But this time off doesn't mean the pair are done with skiing. both are still training and competing. In fact, their spirit keeps each other going, and they say they are very competetive with each other.

Their itinerary is packed while in the Midwest. Aside from seeing family, Team Gregg is most excited to interact with Hawarden kids. Monday they pair will host an assembly for Hawarden's elementary students to share their message to never give up.

 "Mentors were such a big part of our lives growing up and so that's something we felt, if we get the chance to share that with other kids that's really important,” Brian said.


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