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Sioux City Dispatcher Recognized

A dispatcher who kept her cool during the worst kind of call was recognized for her stellar work.

Sioux City (ABC9 News)- Staci Uhl had just begun her shift on April 29th of 2013, when the call came from officer Kevin McCormick that he'd been shot during a routine traffic stop.

Following the shooting she organized SWAT, police and ambulance, the way she'd always been trained to do.

"You always train for it. You always know. I mean it's always in the back of your mind it could happen. But you never think it's going to happen in Sioux City,” dispatcher Staci Uhl said.

For remaining calm, and helping him through the whole ordeal, McCormick is grateful for Staci.

"I describe her as my lifeline. No doubt about it," McCormick said.

Staci's supervisor and Kevin McCormick wrote letters to recommend Staci as the winner of the 2013-14 Iowa Telecommunicator of the Year. She won.

"I was shocked to get it, honored to get it. But it's all part of the job,” Uhl said.

Officer McCormick says the title fits her perfectly. in his letter he wrote, "it has been brought to my attention that Staci is being. nominated for the 2013-14 Telecommunicator of the Year award. I think it is a befitting title for Staci's exemplary job performance during my critical incident."

"The idea that she was recognized and the comm center in general was recognized as a result of this I think is great. I think that often times, just like a lot of occupations, they go unrecognized,” Officer McCormick added.

Since the incident, Jamal Dean was captured and has since been convicted for the shooting of Officer McCormick.

Staci helped coordinate those efforts from the Comm Center as well.




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