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Siouxland Resident Shares What It Was Like During Sunday's Earthquake

For many, your Sunday was pretty quiet right? Not for others...
Sioux City, IA (ABC9 News) - For many, your Sunday was pretty quiet right? Well, that wasn't the case for residents in Nappa, California.

A 6.0 earthquake has shaken up many businesses there. Now, a Siouxland resident who was in California at the time of the quake is speaking out about how the experience was.

Pat Gill works in Sioux City as the Woodbury County Auditor and was in California for a conference. He says what he experienced was nothing he felt before.

Pat says he felt the earthquake around 3:30 AM while he was getting ready to catch his flight back to Sioux City.

"There's nothing you can do. You're up there and there's nothing you can do to help yourself. And it went on for twenty seconds. And your thinking 'Man these walls are going to start crumbling here is this doesn't stop."

Pat also remembers the shake Sioux City felt back in the early 1990s and he says what he experienced Sunday was incomparable to that.

160 residents were treated for minor injuries after the earthquake and there is an estimated $1 billion dollars worth of damage there.
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