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Siouxlanders Return from Brazil

A group of Siouxlanders traveled to Brazil to watch the World Cup first hand
SIOUX CITY, Iowa (ABC9 Sports)--A group of Siouxlanders traveled over 4,000 miles to Brazil to watch the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

Brandon Burgad, Lawrence Jensen, and Pat and Micah Herbst journeyed to South America and saw Uruguay beat Italy--including Luis Suarez's "bite heard 'round the world"--and battled flooding to see the United State's final group stage game.

Despite the US loss to Germany in that game, the group was able to celebrate quickly afterwards when the United States advanced to the knock out round.

"For us, it was not even three minutes later because everybody was following the game on the internet, so we knew as the game went along that we were closer and closer to qualifying," said Pat Herbst. "But it is crazy to think you watch your team lose and you're celebrating like you just won."

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