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SportsZone Football: Lewis Central vs. SB-L

SportsZone Football: Lewis Central vs. SB-L

Just down the road in Sergeant Bluff, the warriors were one play away from the post-season last year.  They hosted Lewis Central tonight.  Titans lead 21-14 in the second.  Spencer Wyant punts it away for SB-L but Lewis Central can’t handle it.  Kimanni Thompson hops on it and SB-L retakes possession.  They march it down inside the ten but WYant’s pass gets tipped and Caleb Shudak is Johnny-on-the-spot with the interception. 


The Titans can’t do anything on the drive though, and SB-L gets it back.  Matt George on the trap finds a big hole and finally gets takes down after 20 yards.  A couple of plays later and he goes all the way to pay dirt.  We were tied at the break.


Final:  CB-Lewis Central 35, Sergeant Bluff-Luton 28.

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