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SportsZone Football: West Central vs. Dakota Valley

SportsZone Football: West Central vs. Dakota Valley

Just up the road in South Dakota…the Dakota Valley Panthers got no favors from the schedulers.

A young team had to open up their season with the best program in the entire Rushmore state.  West Central has not one, not two not three not four not five not six…


Well, if we did the whole Lebron thing we'd be here a while, but we'll cut the chase.

Twelve state titles for West Central, including last year's.


Could the Panthers play David to the Goliath lining up across from them tonight?

First drive for DV, Brady Dam breaks off a nice run but the drive quickly stalls and the Panthers are forced to punt.


On the punt, Sean Rhymer shows how you play special teams. Big stick and West Central gains nothing.


A long drive down the field, all on the ground, is capped off by Josh Mettler faking me out and punching it in...7-0 Trojans.


First play for DV on the next drive and Dam fumbles...Jace Hanisch falls on it.

West Central led 31-0 at the break.



Final:  West Central 58, Dakota Valley 7.

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