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Storm Lake School District Brings in 25 New Teachers

While many teachers have left the Storm Lake School District, they didn't spent much time finding their replacements.
Storm Lake, IA (ABC9 News) - It's the first time a handful of kids will walk the halls of Storm Lake High School but they aren't the only new faces around. The same goes for over two dozen new teachers.

”Last year, just happened to be a year that we had a lot of teachers retire. the second thing is we have a growing district and our enrollment has been up and a result we have a need for new teachers,” said Beau Ruleaux, Principal Of Storm Lake High School. How many teachers are we talking? 25, with 9 new teachers in the high school alone. Lea Schulte graduated just last may and was thrilled to snag a job with the district. I was extremely lucky. I started student teaching in February and I was offered the job at the end of February, so i had a job months before i graduated,” said Schulte.

Since many veteran teachers are leaving, Schulte feels it'll be hard to be hard to fill their shoes.  "I just kind of have to step back and realize that I'm not going to fill them. Those teachers left a really big foot print in all of the hearts of the students. I’m just trying to make mine as well" Even though she's a newbie, Schulte says she and the rest of the new class of teachers are entering the classroom with a new tool, youth. "You know, I'm you’re age, I'm close to your age and I have something to offer you and teach you And that's a lesson plan her students are definitely following.

"I think the class is fun. I like to be with her. She teachers very well," said Irene Murillo, Storm Lake Senior.

"I think it's good because I learned more stuff and I learned English," said Felisha Opet, Storm Lake Sophomore. 
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