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Taco Johns Worker Claiming Harassment Over Name Tag

The manager of the Yankton, SD fast food outlet says it's not true.
Yankton, South Dakota (ABC9 News)-  

A derogatory name tag has lit a firestorm of controversy in Yankton,SD.  Here's what a Taco John's employee had to say after claiming his manager forced him to wear a nametag  making fun of his sexual orientation.

Tyler Brandt claims he was subject to harassment at work and forced to wear an embarrassing name tag. The store's owner Mike Scott says its not true . He says people are not hearing the whole story and that his family members have received death threats . The owner admits they made the nametag but that Tyler is the one who wanted it made with the disparaging nickname.

"How does that sound logical? I'm going to go in to Taco John's while I'm on the job, and honestly, quite frankly, I didn't even want to be there that day because of the stuff that happened the past week.  Yeah, I'm going to go in there and ask my manager to make me a name tag that says 'gaytard' on it for me to wear during work. Does that sound logical to you?," Brandt said.

It's now case of 'he said, he said,' which both sides may take to court.

Tyler is hoping his fellow co–workers or customers will come forward and speak out with him.

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