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Norm Waitt Senior YMCA Delivers 116,000 Pencils

Every Elementary Student in Sioux City and South Sioux City Receives Pencils
(ABC9 News) South Sioux City, NE - Every elementary student in Sioux City and South Sioux City received a special delivery on Thursday.

The Norm Wait Senior YMCA is giving away 116,000 pencils. The delivery program is called "Get the Lead Out"; and it aims to encourage all students to stay active not only academically, but also physically through out the school year.

The students are the only ones who get a little something, teachers do as well!

Chris DeRoin from the Norm Wait Senior YMCA says, "Each one of the bags is for each classroom in the school, so there's about 25 bundles of 12 pencils a piece for all of the kids in the classrooms, as well as the teacher will get a gift. We got donations from staples and the education station for supplies for them as well."

DeRoin estimates it will take them all day today to hand deliver each goodie bag to every school.

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